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Virtual Planning

Immersive Experience

  • Simulate osteotomies and bone movements
  • Higher accuracy planning to reduce patient risk
  • Transfer digital plan to surgery with guides & models
  • Identify potential problems in plan prior to surgery

Anatomical Models

Make the complex simple

  • Detailed representation of the bony structures
  • Increased patient understanding and satisfaction
  • Detailed 1 : 1 replica & 360° view of the anatomy
  • Excellent workability for a realistic planning

Surgical Guides

Highest precision

  • Accurate tumour resection & high accuracy
  • Greatly lowered risk of infection and complications
  • Drastically reduced theatre time resulting in less invasive, flapless surgery

Custom Implants

Uncompromised fitment

  • Biocompatible & Radiolucent*
  • Allows intraoperative modifications
  • Light weight, high strength & stability
  • Complete design freedom in selecting structure
Autologus PEEK* Titanium
Intraoperative adjustments
Thermal Stability
Possible to manufacture 3D PSI
Safe for the surgeon
Comparitive study of Autologous bone, PEEK & Ti6Al4V
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